The property Caesar Award is awarded by the industries associations FIABCI, ÖVI, RICS and Salon Real in cooperation with epmedia. In 2015 the Caesar Award will be awarded in a private gala event at the Palais Ferstel on 09 April 2015. The prize is awarded exclusively to individuals. Nominated can be anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the real estate industry, regardless of working as Executive Director, Project Manager, Service Provider, Saleswoman, Planner or Broker

Since 2006, outstanding achievements in the real estate industry are to be honored with the Caesar. The prize was initiated by Reinhard Einwaller, general manager of epmedia advertising agency which hosts two key events in the Austrian real estate industry: The Caesar and the real estate ball.

The famosity of the Caesar can be substantiated by figures: since its establishment in 2006 about 12,000 registered voters voted an impressive amount of 90,000 times. A total of 46 Caesars were awarded to individuals who are directly or indirectly related to the real estate industry. Meanwhile, Caesar is considered a "seal of quality" in the industry. A new feature has been established in 2014: The Caesar is substantially accompanied by the industry associations ÖVI, RICS and Salon Real. Those will be heavily involved in the nomination phase and in the jury contest, aiming to extend the composition of the Ceasar.

The six audience categories

     Property Developer      Real Estate Consultant      Real Estate Services      Property manager      Broker      Small Diamond

The three judges categories

     Caesar International      Lifetime      Junior Caesar

Voting is partly public and partly by jury elections:

The audience (members of the real estate industry) selects in the six audience categories the five finalists through online voting. Then the winners are to be chosen by a panel of experts.

The additional three jury categories are chosen by a jury consisting by the partner organizations of Caesar. The jury always comes together in a meeting at the beginning of the year and discusses the nominations. Nominations may obly be made within the industry. The jury is composed of representatives of the associations FIABCI, ÖVI, RICS and Salon Real in cooperation with epmedia.

Gala ceremony for awarding the Caesars takes place at the Palais Ferstel on Thursday 9th of March, 2015.

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