The office houses that are safe on the market that come 2013, because they are already under construction, or rather to completion. The other projects are nearly as safe as Austria's participation in the World Cup 2014. Other as safe as the advance of domestic football in the second round. The starting point for new projects is not great, and the domestic real estate professionals know exactly what they can trust the market. Looking at the figures more closely, it is clear why the developers act cautiously: Especially new headquarters of major corporations such as ÖBB Group FIRST or post created in Vienna, where locations are bundled. But so many are in attractive locations free office space that will come back to the market itself. Which is not yet clear due to the current economic situation, in any form - whether as offices, residential buildings or other forms of real estate. The view of the numerous areas can wait for the developers anyway.




Definitely safe is Austria's highest building, the DC Tower 1, which is to be officially opened in late 2013. Continue towards the city center is the Green Worx in Lasallestraße not only the first LEED Platinum certified office building in Austria, but also has already won the company Manpower its first major tenant. 

late September, early October to the 2nd Central Office at the park Raiffeisen Evolution be completed - from 15,000 square meters, almost half rented. In the course of this year is also the 22 District of Vienna, the STAR22 some 29,000 square meters on the market. In addition to this project, Wien Holding the business park in autumn in Vienna Breitensee 14 finished. At the other end of the city, the Plaza Stage 5 of the euro with about 35,000 square end of this year will also be completed, so the site is growing to nearly 200,000 square feet. The completion or better full occupancy of new office space is a prerequisite for an adjacent project ...




... namely the extension of the innovation center of the S + B group with a stage of about 15,000 square meters. The start of construction is planned only when the surfaces are recovered next door. Caution prevails in this case. 

Intensive is also currently working on the preparation for the further development of TWO QUARTERS. The land is already secured, but since it still requires a reclassification, are no concrete information, such as the magnitude, before. The planning and realization phase are expected to fall in the period 2014/2015. 

middle of last year, the foundation stone for the headquarters of the FIRST Group at the new central station was placed in the "Quartier Belvedere". In 2015, they will be completed and is on 117,000 square meters of gross floor area (GFA) provide around 4,500 jobs. 20 previously spread across the city sites will be summarized here. Due to a reduced demand on the part of bank capital could be rented out part. Also in Quartier Belvedere plans with SIGNA Holding A.01 a 88 meter high tower with 90,000 square meters of gross floor area. The tower is "on hold" for which structural reasons are responsible. Since the construction site of the planned tower A.01 is still needed as a starting point for current construction work, the construction can not take place before 2015.


End of June 2012 started the construction work for the establishment of the new ÖBB headquarters in the southern courtyard of the Vienna main railway station. Employees from seven ÖBB companies, which are currently spread over six different offices, be able to practice on a common site of their activities from August 2014. 

Whether the Marina Tower is completed in 2015, is probably connected with the pre-letting. 30% is earmarked for a construction start, and this year should still give this, 2015 was a possible date, otherwise the completion postponed accordingly to the rear.


2016 and ...


With a start of construction in 2015, the S + B Group expects a mixed object next to the Marxbox in Neu Marx. The recipe for success is to be continued - the new building will have 20,000 square meters of gross floor area. 

Fix is the establishment of UniCredit Bank Austria Town, the new headquarters of Bank Austria. The move to the new site is planned for 2016. On the site of the former North Station, up to 200,000 square meters will be built BRG - an investment of 280 million euros. For their own use approximately 85,000 square feet are planned for external tenants are around 90,000 square meters available. 

A further projects, for example, the ECE office building at the Vienna Central Station. In the summer of 2014, the construction is expected to occur. The ÖGNI-certified office building will provide approximately 10,000 square meters of prime office space with flexible floor plan layout for Open Space, Combined or individual office. Completion is scheduled for late 2016 and early 2017. 

Starting in autumn 2014 also TownTown now be completed. This is the start of construction for the last remaining building site. The Tower is the ORBITOOL Company Building 21 and will form with the adjacent high-rise CB03 Wiener Stadtwerke a degree of Town Town Plaza. The new office tower is to be implemented by early 2016. 

intended in 2017, the new headquarters of the Austrian Post AG to be ready. In the post-own property on Rochusmarkt in the third district of Vienna, the start of construction is planned for 2014. At its modern jobs for about 1,000 people are to be created. At about 47,000 square meters GFA offices and retail space to round out the existing offer on Rochusmarkt and in the highway will be built.