Some complain about the impending loss of the characteristic city image, others on alleged arbitrary authority: The excitement about the planned demolition of the century building Hetzgasse 8 in the third district goes to the next round. On Wednesday, the Committee for Urban Development decided to set up a protection zone in Weißgerber- and Radetzky quarter. Terminations should henceforth be granted only under a special authorization procedure. In autumn, the the council will officially decide it is from the office of Deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou. Already in March, therefore, there is a halt to construction in the area - even at the Hetzgasse 8 where the demolition work had been ongoing since January. The owner, the Soulier Management GmbH, on the other hand now filed a complaint with the Administrative Court, hoping for a quick decision. The question whether or not, demolition work begun may continue after the entry into force of a building ban.


Planned low-energy house

The history: The Soulier Management GmbH plans to tear down the object with 23 substandard housing, which once belonged to the city of Vienna, and the establishment of a low-energy building with 56 apartments. But the residents of the existing building fought back and gained support of Vienna's Green Party. This built during the election campaign last fall right outside their slumlord on to point out the problem of speculation. Against the allegations defends you look at Soulier: ". On the contrary, the future apartments are neither parifiziert sold but leased and maintained in the long-term ownership," says owner Ingrid Soulier. Meanwhile the house is consisted free: In April coated with the family Schilk the last tenant. "We have not achieved what we wanted for our apartment," Andreas Schilk says today. He was born in the house in 1968 and has spent his whole life in the house. According to information he was in the 1990s, a lot of money in the renovation of his apartment.


Collecting signatures

The Schilks received 450,000 euro transfer fee for their indefinite lease. While this sounded like a lot of money, so Schilk. But he must now pay a much higher rent, endlessly this sum would therefore not be enough. The Hetzgasse 8 is now in any case done for him - even if he'm reminded by media reports and calls "complete stranger" again it. "I would love to but no longer mitkriegen the subject." For the preservation of ancient houses and against speculation Schilk wants but fight in the future. A few weeks ago he handed Maria Vassilakou 1600 signatures of "Protects Gründerzeithäuser before speculation" initiative.


Accessibility and playground


eschäftsführer Clemens Bauer speaks in connection with the Hetzgasse 8 of arbitrary authority: "Against the claims of legal security for a private developer is violated." Ever since the end of 2014 the house at the MA will 37 out than demolition and new building project. In mid-January had 64 come to the conclusion that a new building in the "public interest" is the MA. Because the building structure is bad, the number of dwellings would double in the new building, ensuring accessibility and provide a better plan. In addition, a greening of the facade and a children's playground are planned in the yard.


Still optimistic

actually had the end of March to be started with the demolition of the roof. Aussteifungsarbeiten were still made despite building ban, "because they were needed," says Ingrid Soulier. A display for contempt of building ban followed. The country-Administrative Court will now check whether this Aussteifungsarbeiten were lawful - or whether it was violating the building ban. The question is, who will pay for the damages, says Bauer, because now is one about half a year behind schedule. "I was already told me to sell the house to a property developer with better relations with the city of Vienna," says Ingrid Soulier. "When you jumps with people, some will eventually say: I only build in Germany," says Bauer. And are apartments in Vienna due to lack of construction activity even scarcer, then would the prices continue to rise. In Soulier it is hoped, as soon as possible to continue working: At best, the apartments could be purchased in the first quarter 2018th Because the creation of living space lies indeed in the interest of a growing city.