More and more Wiener plots and apartments become the property of wealthy foreigners says a rumor that keeps for years. Especially with regard to the areas in downtown. Roland Schmid, CEO of Realty United refuted this but in "Ö1 Morning Journal" on Tuesday. For months his company collected data from the land register and digitized them.


"There are 313,000 registered private owner in Vienna who possess across the board all whether the wineries, homes or apartment buildings are. And only three percent of owners addresses in the land register are non-Austrian descent," Schmid said. Vienna will therefore not bought from abroad.


20 percent are church and ÖBB

Around ten percent of the land in Vienna respectively belong to the church and the ÖBB. In first place is by far the city itself: By area, she owns half of Vienna. The city would then itself can massively ensure the preservation and creation of housing.


The largest groups of foreign owners are German, Swiss and Americans. The much-quoted Russians are only found on place 27th A large Dutch estate agency is among the top. 5


Land Registry database for transparency

"Quite so, that only real estate speculators are sitting and waiting for the large property that the price explodes, it is obviously not," Schmid explained. Free land is but now more owned by private individuals in the city. "The private developers are attacked because they build expensive. But they build expensive because the property is so expensive, on the need to build it", the real estate specialist concluded.


It is therefore important to make the real estate market transparent, thus Realty United would contribute with its land registry database. These are available for all of Austria and the results of the company sells, for example, to property developers.