1.110 Appartments and many offices - that are the real estate projects in Linz in the upcomming years. In a presentation showing the most important projects, mayor Klaus Luger (SPÖ) said: "2015 will settle the direction for the city development"

A short overview over the most important projects:


Former mail distribution center: The 74.000 Squaremeter seem to be a perfect opportunity for a company settlement.


At the Donaulände the new headquarter of the Oberbank is already under construction.


Heizhausstraße: Between Wienerstraße and the ÖBB-Train-Workshop 35.000 Squaremeter are available.


Barracks Ebelsberg: Here the decision of the national Antiqueities and Monuments Office is a to be awaited. On this area, which is four times the size than the former freight station, real estate projects should be realized.


Linz harbour: Here an urban concept of Appartments, Offices and Culture should emerge.


Quelle: http://www.heute.at/news/oesterreich/ooe/art23653,1127627