The Vienna office tenants are generally satisfied with the conditions of their real estate. This conclusion was reached Otto property during the presentation of a survey first started to tenant satisfaction in the Galaxy Tower reporters. The results of a representative study of 100 decision makers from offices of various layers are quite interesting: For the office concept "New Ways of Working", which is indeed in the real estate industry on everyone's lips seems to have not yet really taken off in Vienna. Alexander Bosak, Head of Research at Otto Immobilien: "The percentage of this type of work is very low." 56 percent of respondents were working in open-plan offices, a quarter in open-plan offices and 14 per cent in single cells. Of these 84 percent were very satisfied in her office. Only four percent said other office types. Alexander Fenzl, Director Commercial at Otto clarified: "The office type is therefore currently no reason for any removals This is also the fact that 72 percent of respondents over five years and 23 percent are based in their office for ten years.." Moreover, there are very many perpetual leases, thus the tenant does not forced to constantly re-move.


However, what is a common reason for moving, is the air-conditioning and the services of property management. Eugen Otto: "The measure is not the size of the office, but the service." Basically sums up Alexander Bosak, the most important parameters for the satisfaction in an office as follows: "Hardware and the appearance of the building and problem-solving skills of property management." From the survey a tenant satisfaction index was calculated, which is currently located in Vienna with 67 of 100 possible points. "A very good value" as Bosak explains 2004 was London in a similar survey at 43. In the future tenant satisfaction index every two years to be re-charged. Eugen Otto sees the survey a new tool which is able to close the loop in the research. For the study, no office buildings were used, which are administered by Otto.