Not only old buildings are popular in Vienna due to their charm and ceiling heights, but also offices in the old building. "Such objects must offer a magnificent entree, high doors and a beautiful staircase," says Elisa Stadlinger, office expert of the brokerage company ÖRAG Immobilien. Especially desirable are such offices when they are in the first district. Stucco and gull-wing doors are not enough for the tenants, however: The office should indeed look like an old building, but must play all the lumps of the new building. Double floor, a fast Internet connection, air conditioning - that must be old building offices for law firms and consulting companies at least today, are Office experts agree. "In recent years, investors have brought old-fashioned offices up to the latest state of the art," says Stadlinger.

Old building due to lack of space

However, there is one limitation: The flexibility that modern office environments require, for example when wall-mounted, is not always that easy in an old building, says Stadlinger. "But even in an old building, not every wall is a bearing." In addition, open-plan offices are not desired in every industry. Stadlinger sees a target group for old-building offices in young start-ups who want a work environment with charm and a Viennese flair and who "want distinctively different offices than they have in Berlin and London". "In the meantime, there are almost too few areas, especially in the first district," says Alexander Fenzl, office expert at estate agent Otto Immobilien. Fitting the equipment and the situation, then for the square meter old building office rents up to 26 euro are paid, reports Fenzl - approximately in the golden quarter. Often, an old building also offers space reasons, because small offices are often not planned in new construction projects, according to Fenzl. "Up to 150 square meters you go into a coworking space, for large areas in a new building, but in between there is a gap that closes the old building."

Many transformations

If you want larger areas in the old building, it has already harder: "There are rarely 3000 square meters on one level," said Stadlinger. Sometimes several floors would have to be rented. However, the big companies are currently pulling into the office clusters, which are built around the central station or the Praterstern. Older new buildings and not centrally located old building offices, which are housed, for example, in an apartment building which is otherwise used for living, are currently being converted back into apartments according to Stadlinger's observation. Fenzl is currently observing an opposite trend for large apartments in good locations: "These apartments are increasingly being converted into offices." If you own the whole house, dedication-wise, that's not an issue.

(Source: derstandard - Franziska Zoidl)