The rich are in 2015 again become richer. And in Austria, where now 121,000 Reiche live with assets of more than one million dollars. According to a press release from Capgemini whose number has thus risen by kapp six percent. Most of this "Simple millionaires" is likely to have made his fortune in real estate, one suspects at Gapgemini-Austria.


Especially in Asia, the ability to grow strongly. The millionaire number has doubled in one year. In the previous year there was thus in the Asia-Pacific region for the first time more dollar millionaires than North America. The global millionaire assets increased in 2015 by 4 percent to 58.7 billion dollars (52.03 billion euros). The number of millionaires grew by 4.9 percent to 15.4 million. Own-use properties and valuable collector's items does not count for Capgemini fortunes of the rich.


Since 1996, the assets of the rich has quadrupled. If the currently holding moderate growth of global prosperity will rise to 100 trillion by 2025, says Capgemini advance. The Asia-Pacific region could represent even two fifths of the world's millionaire fortune in ten years.