About 36 percent of the volume accounted for office properties and 42 percent were generated in the past year with retail properties.

One third of the total market in Austria was settled by the EHL group, of which approximately 800 million Euro fell on commercial real estate. According to the Managing Director of EHL Investment Consulting, Franz Pöltl, the Austrian real estate market has recovered to the level that existed before the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers in the fall of 2008. The crisis in the investment sector seems to be finally overcome.

The largest transactions with a cumulative volume of 1.1 billion euros took place in Vienna and Lower Austria - In previous years, there was only one transaction of this magnitude. These deals include the Millennium Tower in Vienna (transaction value: € 320 million) and the shopping center G3 Gerasdorf (transaction value: € 220 million).

The high liquidity in the real estate market also attracts international investors to Austria - primarily from the Middle East and Asia. Only about 45 percent of the volume account to Austrian investors nowadays.

The trend seems to continue in 2015 - especially the market in Vienna is booming.
Among other things, the low interest rates can be seen as one reason for the high activity in the market.
In the office sector, however, only litte new space is going to be created in 2015  - A shift to the next best category can be observed.