Below you will find relevant sections with respect to the commercial and office real estate market, the entire real estate outlook is linked at the end of the document.

The RE/MAX real estate experts expect for Burgenland a general increase in housing demand by + 2.8%, an increase of Real Estate Listing by + 3.5% and general price decline of -2.8%.

Comment Burgenland
"At the moment, less real estate is on the market in our region," says Roswitha Knebelreiter, Office operator of RE/MAX P&I, with real estate offices in Neusiedl am See, Bruck an der Leitha and Eisenstadt. The purchase price for attractive properties in Neusiedl am See are at present still in the upper price range. "Real estate off of Lake Neusiedl or with poor transport links without express train and motorway are less common in the customer focus. Burgenland is for property buyers still a tipp, especially the transport connection is very good in the south of Vienna", said Knebelreiter.

For commercial properties, premises and office space, the view is negative, but provided with a glimmer of hope: it is namely not as pessimistic as it did a year ago: prices for commercial properties change -3.5%, retail space -4.0%, office space -3,0%. Only for commercial objects prospects with the forcast is with -6.9% even worse.
Agriculture and forestry areas are to win by + 1.1% in value.

In commercial real estate expectations remains negative: The prices are expected to fall in Upper Austria for business properties by -5.3%, -5.4% for operating objects, for shops by -5.1% and office spaces by -5.1%.

Comment Upper Austria / Linz
When renting business premises in Linz, the location is decisive: "1A locations have a distinct advantage here of course," said Kurt Gattringer, MBA, CEO of RE/MAX Linz-City, with a real estate office and a property management company in the Upper Austrian capital directly on the Landstraße. An oversupply of office space consists in Linz continue.

Comment Upper Austria / Braunau, Mattighofen, Ried
Used Commercial real estate is not easy to sell in innviertel. "The reason for this is that companies tend to invest more in new construction as in used objects as they can customize the workflow perfectly here and the banks prefer to finance new constructions than existing real estate with loans," said Ing. Christian Haidinger, MBA, CEO of RE/MAX Innova in Braunau, Mattighofen and Ried. For Ried and Braunau the real estate expert notes increased efforts in city marketing, "which the urban centers will definately benefit from."

No office and commercial properties specific statements.

Commercial Properties (with the exception of top layers) suffer from a slump in demand and are therefore under massive pressure on prices (-11.6%), the same accounts for office space with -10.3%.

The Styrian commercial real estate sector will have to cope with further price declines in operating land (-4.3%), business objects (-5.4%), commercial premises (-6.1%) and office space (-4.3%).

Comment Styria / Graz, Graz environment
The Graz apartment building market was moving a little, noted Ing. Alois Marchel, CEO of RE / MAX Classic with real estate offices in Graz and Gleisdorf. He also sees a constant declining demand for retail space. Significant decreases were recorded in the demand for office space.

For Tyrolean operating properties, retail space and office space, RE / MAX agents expect a price drop of -3.0% to -5.4%.

Comment Tyrol
The market for Business is differentiated in Tirol. The prices for shops outside of A1 locations stagnate at best, or are expected to further price reductions. The office space demand is constant or even growing in the center. The offer referred Wimmer as "sufficient" and the price development is stagnant. "With office space, where the location, the equipment or functionality are not good enough, prices will continue to fall," said the expert. Commercial land supply is growing, this is related to the construction of commercial and economic parks by the communities. The demand is constant and regional differences can be found here. The prices of commercial properties depend on the quick access to the public transport network. In the absence of public transport is also expected to lower prices.

Prices of operation objects, shops and office space will have to lower noticeable, who calls factory premises his own and wants to sell this may rejoice - it offers the highest growth rates.

Comment Vorarlberg
In commercial real estate A1 locations are currently in high demand, in contrast, vacancy rates in the major population centers outside the centers are observed. Vacancy rates are also found in offices to 150 m; However, there is high demand for commercial real estate, which can be used by small and medium enterprises as a company location.

The in Vienna rare building plots will rise in price by 2.3% whereas commercial properties will fall -5.0%, as well retail space by -4.8% and operating objects by -6.1%. The prices of office space will not really recover.

Comment Vienna
Wilhelm Fetscherplatz, Managing Director of RE/MAX DCI with three real estate offices in Vienna and offices in Tulln, Stockerau and Korneuburg-Mödling, locates a trend among developers in Vienna: "They buy more and more old buildings, take it off and construct new buildings. This seems to be cheaper than acquiring empty plots", said the expert.

"The supply of office space has not really increased from 2013 to 2014, with the exceptions Central Station, Silo and DC Tower," said Anton Putz, commercial real estate expert at RE/MAX Solutions in Vienna. For 2015, insignificant changes in offers and prices for commercial real estate are expected. Properties in secondary locations it may face price reductions, while good areas are -so be with good access to public transport and modern equipment- more interesting for tenants. "A question will be whether the new central station can generate a boom for new office space in the area," said Putz.

The duration of letting for commercial real estate has increased; but here it should be noted that the potential users of operating real estate valued at 1.5 to 2 million euros prefere buying these rather than renting. Putz expects increasingly investments in this sector for 2015, due to the high demand which can be located now.

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