The active also in the CEE region Austrian property company Rustler Group is expanding in Romania the product range to include facility management in the medical field. With the takeover of the management of the run by the Italian hospital group Policlinico di Monza Monza Spitalul in Bucharest Rustler has opened a door to a new area in Romania. Opened a few years ago the hospital has all modern building services facilities whose inspection and maintenance have now been taken over by the Austrian real estate service provider.


18,000 m² on nine storeys measures the modern Spitalul Monza in Bucharest. In addition to a specialization in cardiology, comprehensive medical services for radiology, urology and gynecology are offered, including intensive care. This requires nowadays extensive house technology, which forms the framework for the high-tech medicine.


In addition to the need to ensure constant climatic conditions with high-tech climate technology, particularly in the treatment and operation rooms, also require the equipment of the hospital room with modern entertainment facilities and the equipment of the associated Catering regular maintenance and testing.


Rustler has established its office in Bucharest in 2013 mi emphasis Facility Management.


To date, activities have but limited to classic office and commercial buildings, and shopping centers.