Bregenz - If Elmar Hagen "it trickles" says he does not fall the Vorarlberg weather, but the current situation in commercial real estate. For the expert group chairman of the real estate and property trustee, the situation is less rosy dar. In the office area of several thousand square meters of empty space, Hagen thought. Contrast, commercial plots are rare and expensive.


Vorarlberg is not the site for office buildings, says the dealer. The established large farms here built their own administrative centers, the hoped-for influx from Switzerland had failed. "It has indeed thought that Swiss companies want to conquer the European market from here." The Swiss chose to go to the other side of the Rhine into Germany. Property there are cheaper and closer to the French market.

The price development prepares Hagen headache. For office rents is expected 10 to 14 euros per square meter, building itself is also becoming more expensive for businesses. "In good locations, such as around the Dornbirn Fair Park, 500 euros per square meter are favorable." Postscript: "I speak of commercial, not residential."

Living in a prime location is already unaffordable for average earners. Up to 1000 euro prices climb in sea or city hillside. Who the lakeside villa or mountain slope can not afford to be reckoned with for the average apartment rent in Vorarlberg with ten euros per square meter.

Although the very sharp price increase was over, "but the prices do not fall significantly," says Hagen, "I rather suspect that they stabilize at a high level."

Hagen sees the reason for the famine in the land shortages. "The property owners are in a position of power who can ask." Hagen's proposed solution: "The planning must rethink the settlement limits have been established 35 years ago, you are obsolete... " During the official chamber wants to extend the agricultural frontier by Neuwidmungen think the initiators of the "ground clearance" quite differently.

Compression in the center

The citizens try to spread together with spatial planning and urban policy ideas for sustainable soil management. Vorarlberg have not devoted too little space, but too many. Although a third of the dedicated building land, about 4,300 acres, was not yet built, 1500 square meters of green area would be rezoned daily. The aim of the initiative is the purchase of land for leisure entertainment.

As the vision of the Rhine Valley, the group thought the provincial government to spatial planning issues, land freedom fighters see a solution to the land problem in the urban densification.

This goal is not easy to achieve. So since 2009 you tinkers in Bregenz on the redevelopment of the station area. Two projects of different developers prism of about Schertler Rhomberg want to make 29,000 square feet of completely new city area. Shopping, housing and the railway and bus utilization will be urban. The implementation of all the participants have introduced lighter, also selling and renting of land.

On 1 October want to let you know about rescheduling the citizens after a long secrecy, what will become of their city, which draft horses will attract the new consumer paradise by the sea. And whether the rent in the seaside town or prices for property in the Maritime Quarter will be able to afford.

What is driving prices

That the land be stocking them march the prices is a reason for a lot of construction in Vorarlberg for the contractor Hubert Rhomberg. The other reasons he wants to analyze a year long project. He is responding to the fierce debate over building and living costs and quick responses from industry peers and trade unionists. Rhomberg wants "an objective analysis of all cost drivers".

Every single factor should be examined closely. "We need the political framework, the requirements and the funding being questioned," said Rhomberg. "Without taboos and dogmas" it was necessary to find solutions to leistbares and resource-efficient housing. In one year, the study will be available.