After Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Spain the portal has now opened to the UK office market, presenting offices to let on
It offers a comprehensive overview of the UK office market and its activity. It provides detailed information about office buildings in general and specifically on those to let. This includes contact details, enabling local companies to learn about the options available to them speedily and simply.
The principal aim of the portal is to bring office buildings and potential tenants together. provides a means to an end, when ensuring readily traceable communication with potential tenants and their representatives.
Users of the portal can narrow down their search by setting various criteria. These include class (A, B or C), category (green building, instant office, apartment office, office building for sale etc), location, size and rent.  To cut down on the time spent searching, it offers several additional services, such as a rent calculator, a comparison of office buildings, the most popular office buildings and a facility for group inquiries.
For those interested in green buildings, covers the green office markets of 28 countries including the UK provides a specialist service in the UK offering new opportunities and information flows for both the UK and international market participants. It has never been simpler for those office buildings and potential tenants and their representatives located within the UK to find each other, or for buildings to be offered internationally. The service is also supported by an app for iPhones and Android phones.
Europe’s Independent Office Search Network
Europe’s only international office search & communication network, independent of agencies and developers, with an app for iPhones and Android phones. Countries covered: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Spain and United Kingdom.