With 252 meters, the Vienna Danube Tower is the tallest building in Austria - and now it can be found, beside the tourist guides, in the portfolio of the Bank Austria: For the Danube Tower, a new owner is sought.
As a spokesman for Bank Austria confirmed Monday, the sales process for the famous landmark has already started. The Danube Tower is offered as a single object, the purchase price and the potential buyers are not to be announced. Bank Austria also insured to pay attention that "the integrity of the Viennese landmark" is not violated by the buyer during the negotiations. The sale intentions were known for some time, now the bidding process was opened.

The Danube Tower, which opened on 16 April 1964 at the International Garden Show, is owned, according to Bank Austria, to 95 percent by Bank Austria and 5 percent by Brau Union. For sale are the shares of the Bank Austria. The Viennese landmark is part of the real estate portfolio of real estate Holding GmbH group, which was first extracted from a foundation and is now utilized by the Bank Austria since 7 January. In addition to the Danube tower are, inter alia, also the garage at the court and the life Schloss in Kitzbühel to be sold.

Source: diepresse.com
Picture: APA