While the scene is spellbound for the opening of Talent Garden (location already fixed) and WeWork (location still open), these days a large community office has opened its doors in Hernals as well. The W48 is located in the Wattgasse, not far from the main street Hernalser and thus in the heart of the 17th district. In the former building of the laundry company Fürnkranz on 1,500 square meters a chic working environment in the industrial look has emerged. The W48 offers a large workspace that can be shared by dividing a single compartment. A workstation costs about 250 euros and it can be grouped for startups several tables. At the start, for example, the startups Domonda, iDwell, Vesturo, Playerhunter and Kaffeetschi have moved in - the first two are also participations of the company, which is behind W48. The SNI belongs to entrepreneur Konrad Kreid, who became known with the Black Friday GmbH and Sportnahrung.at. Fitness center included in the price The special feature of W48 are the additional services, which include a fitness center, for example, but also "shared services" such as mentoring of business angels, tax and legal advice or web development. Fitness center and meeting rooms are included in the price, there are additional costs for advice, but the hourly rates are up to 70 percent below the price of external agencies, a spokeswoman on demand. From the private office loft to the startup office "It all began with friendly entrepreneurs expressing the wish to relocate to a loft-like open office with a great view of Vienna," says Kreid. At the beginning of the year, together with Fürnkranz heir Philip Schindler, he started the rebuilding of the former company headquarters of the fashion company. Schindler has invested in iDwell together with Kreid. "During the expansion phase, our shareholdings moved into the shared office. Through the sustained positive feedback, especially from guests, we finally decided to launch the W48 StartUp Lofts ", says Kreid. Expansion to 10,000 square meters planned In order to move into the W48, startups have to apply. Currently there are still places, it says in a release. In the future, however, there should be room for a lot of startups, at least the plan: "The lofts will soon be extended by an additional 1.500m², in the medium term an extension to up to 10.000m² is planned. We are also constantly being offered further exciting real estate for expansion - we are testing this both in Germany and abroad, "says the W48 boss.