The residential price calculator works simple: Just enter the available budget and the desired size and the calculator displays a quarter those who come for a question. Anyone who wants can then go straight to the relevant quarters to find accommodation.

For zoom square-founder Andreas Langegger it comes to identify with housing alternatives, to which one has not thought. - Such as another neighborhood that is so far not yet had the radar.


disaggregated prices to quarters

So far, only an average rate for the entire metropolitan area were created in house price levels for Salzburg, Linz and Graz. Zoom Square goes much deeper now and differentiated, for example, in the future in Salzburg equal to 22 districts and with weekly updated market data. The same applies to Vienna, where not only distinguished as before after 23 districts but after 135 neighborhoods.


As a special Schmankerlhat Zoom Square also presents the first Subway Map of Vienna with prices per square meter. Then each subway station are reported the average price per square meter for the environment. Thus, the house hunter, who was in Vienna also strongly oriented to known Öffi stations, immediately make a better picture of the price situation around the interesting for him underground stations.